nous sommes ensembles
je m'appelle andrea.

i am 23, and i am a graduate student studying book publishing at pace university in nyc. there is magic in everything if you only look close enough.

never give up on your dreams. ♥

magic, fashion, fiction, love
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DIY 3 Miniature Tutorials.
Miniature Book Tutorial from 1 Inch Minis.
Miniature Gazing Ball Tutorial from Think Crafts!. Miniature flower pot with a marble.
Miniature Gazing Ball using a golf tee and marble from Miniature Garden Shoppe.
Put the Miniature Gazing Balls in a Hobbiton Terrarium like this one or beach terrariums like these, For more terrariums go here. 

I love the little books! ♥

I want to live here

fairy house

Hi everyone! As a thanks for following me, I will be giving away one of my wooden Totoro cameo necklaces! 
>Every like and reblog is an entry (please keep the text) >No giveaway blogs please, this is for my tumblr followers :) >Winner will be chosen via random number generator>Please be willing to provide an address for me to ship to!>Ends: October 1st!>Thank you! Good luck! :)





mocking the cutscene right before a level where you keep dying because you’ve heard it so many times


I feel like Kingdom Hearts has broken a lot of people…

you have no idea



i like to believe that the sparks from a campfire are fire fairies being born, raindrops are water fairies being sent to the earth after the clouds have taught them what they need to know, dandelion puffs floating in the air are garden fairies looking for a place to settle.


made a brooch and necklace to release stress from first day of classes(>_<)